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Thursday 7 April – Sunday 10 April 2022



Upcoming Events

Introducing the inaugural Flavours of Plenty Festival, a celebration of the Bay of Plenty’s world-class food scene. Next year’s theme will be all about the region’s plentiful produce, showcasing our horticultural heroes and weaving a powerful connection from our place to your plates!

Are you a local eatery in the Coastal BOP?

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To celebrate our plentiful local produce and put you on the map, our Plentiful local produce, we will be providing local eateries with Flavours of Plenty Festival Produce Boxes. Participating eateries must create a menu item or cocktail using items from the box that will run for the extent of the festival and be judged by the Flavours of Plenty steering group comprising of the Bay of Plenty’s food leaders, as well as be up for the people’s choice vote.


The Art of Sourdough

Sourdough masterclass with Mount Sourdough. Learn about the art of sourdough. From the history behind it, the health benefits, how to create a starter and look after it, to baking the perfect loaf.